Procedural Update

So, just some housekeeping here, so unless you are terribly interested in how I plan on going about this, feel free to come back on Tuesday.

-I’ve decided on a regular schedule of Tuesday/Friday. So far, I have a week and a half of buffer, but twice a week should keep me from running late too terribly often.

-I think devoting an hour to each game is about the ideal. Obviously, before long I am going to run into inscrutable Japanese games that no monolingual gaijin could hope to penetrate and won’t be able to make very much progress, but for the most part playing a game for an hour will at the very least help me get a good feel for it.

-I am working chronologically from the list of Japanese releases. As you may be aware, America was absolutely awful at keeping track of release dates for games, and you are generally lucky to find a specific month. Around 1990 I will start running into western only releases, but if I can’t find any hard dates I will just slide them in wherever sounds right.

-That actually ties into something of an editorial tone I am going for with this site. To me, there are precious few things more tired than someone getting riotously angry about how bad an old video game is.  It’s no secret that most video games, present and past alike, are pretty awful, but I plan on being as unbiased as possible and let the crap speak for itself.

– Why Sonic? Basically, because I am an outsider to the wild and wooly world of Sega fandom, and the release of Sonic the Hedgehog marks the first time I was genuinely aware of Sega. Granted, I was barely seven years old, but the Master System existed in the same realm of potentiality as Santa Claus or jetpacks. Even my parents, both of whom had gracefully bowed out of non-cable entertainment at the time, at least had a vague idea of what Sonic and the Genesis were. Of course, that zeitgeist all but completely missed me, so it wasn’t until Sega’s Mattress King-style fire sales of their back catalog and integrity around the turn of the century that I really had any clue as to why the company was a big deal. So consider this as an outsider looking in on things he never would have otherwise considered.

That about covers it.  If you are still hard up for weekend reading material, I’d recommend Andrew Weiss’ excellent series of much more personal looks at the same products, or to waste a slow weekend away with the two main sites I am shamelessly ripping off inspired by, Chrontendo and Magweasel. Failing that, enjoy this spectrum title screen from Tuesday’s game:

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5 Responses to Procedural Update

  1. Dr. Sparkle says:

    Giving the old ghronogaming a shot, huh? I’ll add a link on Chrontendo when I get a chance. According to my list of Mega Drive/Gen games there are at least 151 pre-Sonic games, though as you point out, there are also a lot of US releases whose dates seem to have been lost to the ravages of time. How is it that the Japanese release date of every single video game has somehow been preserved with the utmost precision?

    Good luck and don’t let the sometimes cheerless demands of chronogaming break your spirit.

    • CJ Lowery says:

      If nothing else, the Mega Drive is remarkably light on oddball strategy games, rpgs, and mahjong (ALWAYS with the mahjong, though I am making an effort to brush up on it primarily for Mahjong Cop) that bog down other systems. Granted, these are what sells me on other systems, but I can’t imagine covering, say, latter day PCE releases without an intimate knowledge of how to play tile-based betting games, the Japanese language, and a distressing amount of non-chalance towards anime nudity.

      That being said, thanks for the encouragement! It’s safe to say I would not try this without all but stealing the idea from you.

  2. The time spent with the games has been one of my biggest issues. For right now I’ve settled on 10 minutes at least. Most are getting a lot longer than that. But when you’ve got to play Donkey Kong Jr. Math and Golf that 10 minutes feels like an hour. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the Barbie games beyond trying to rip out my eyeballs.

    And thanks for the tips on where I can research the US release of games. Those sites should help a lot. Or at least help better than Nintendo will.

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