Pre-Update Apologies (08/01/2010)

Just a quick update: Tuesday’s entry will be a little late. Hopefully Wednesday at the latest, but after driving halfway across the country and bloodying myself in an ultimately minor accident (I am fine but fairly shaken. The deer is still on the run from justice.) I am really in no mood to figure out how to actually beat the overhead levels of Thunder Force II at the moment.

So what do I have for you instead, intrepid reader[s]? Not as much as I’d like, sadly. Something that I did not give as much coverage as I’d really like on Friday was the soundtrack to Super Daisenryaku. Specifically, how fantastic it is. A bit more research than I actually did reveals that the soundtrack was actually done by Tokuhiko Uwabo, who was also responsible for the soundtracks to Space Harrier II and Phantasy Star II. The soundtrack here is more or less his signature style of soaring electropop, but it works fantastically when out of context from the dreary kanji avalanche of it’s source material. Out of the three games Uwabo has scored so far, I think this soundtrack works best out of context. That, combined with the fact that ostensibly some people in the west might already have access to iPod ready versions of the other two, has lead me to upload the soundtrack here for your edification (Credit goes to Project 2612 for ripping the data. I just converted it to mp3). While not exactly groundbreaking music, there are far worse albums to pop up on shuffle, and from personal experience it works well as jogging music.

Another theoretical bonus I put together for just such a minor emergency is the picture below. Believe it or not, I don’t really actually spend that much time playing video games – in fact, almost all of my gaming in the past month has been for the website. But recently I picked up watercoloring again to pass the time. This is only in part because unless you are a master of the form, everything is going to look off. Personally, I am aiming for the cover design of Wes Anderson DVDs, with mixed success. But, as long as it buys me a day or two, I am more than eager to throw an early effort at my feet. So, without further ado, I present my first real effort with watercolor pencils in well over a decade – Heavy is the Hand That Wields the Janken:

Ayep, I am twenty-five.

Click to enormousize it.

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4 Responses to Pre-Update Apologies (08/01/2010)

  1. Nicola Nomali says:

    I find the blackened, almost cracked-looking decay of the painting perfectly symbolizes the misery of being Alex Kidd.

    • CJ Lowery says:

      it was impossible to make him smile. The shadow was mostly me coping with the aftermath of using too much black, but it gave him the appropriate melancholy that decorum requires of Miracle World royalty.

  2. Red Hedgehog says:

    Yeah, you’ve really captured the existential angst that is Alex Kidd.

  3. Dr. Sparkle says:

    What?! Am I to understand that you literally had a run-in with a deer? Did you challenge the deer to rock, paper, scissors? Ungulates have a natural disadvantage at that game, so it’s an excellent strategy for dealing with such encounters. There is much wisdom found within Alex Kidd.

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