The last bit of buffer before school starts is currently being polished off now. A series of very pleasant happenings and surprises left the blog a lower priority than I’d like, and I would really like to complete Tuesday’s game (Ghouls N Ghosts) before I post about it, as it is the only game in the main series (besides the iPod Touch game) that I haven’t really invested time in. And considering this includes a Japan exclusive Wonderswan game and a bewilderingly bad PSP version that seems to have been rightfully forgotten, this is something of a glaring omission.

So what does this mean for the blog? Not much, really. The Tuesday/Friday schedule is going to be more of an idle fancy than a promise during the semester – there’s just simply too much going on to promise a thousand words on a Mahjong game on such a regular schedule.  I will still update twice a week, but the dates aren’t going to be as regular as I’d like.

But enough excuses, the least you deserve is a solid link dump, dear reader (and also several hundred StumbleUpon users. Hi there!)

-Those intrepid retronauts over at Gamespite have just put the wraps on GameSpite Quarterly #5, which genuinely looks to be the best 400+ page book on the Famicom in existence. I know a lot of the fine men and women that have contributed to this, and can guarantee you that those twenty-one dollars are a sound investment in terms of the tome of sheer quality you’ll receive.

-Intrepid database of things forgotten (rightfully or otherwise) RHDN has recently uploaded the translations of the entire line of Phantasy Star II text adventures. Originally released for the Sega Meganet (quite possibly the first console download service to offer full featured exclusive games) each text adventure focuses on a different character, and each seems to have received a competent translation.

-Speaking of text adventures, intrepid chronogaming godfather Dr. Sparkles has released a fantastic new episode of his Chrontendo series featuring the first half of a wonderful retrospective on adventure gaming. If for whatever reason you’re a regular PSG reader and haven’t checked out his videos, you really are doing yourself quite the disservice.

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6 Responses to Apologies!

  1. Phat says:

    You will update th… f-four times a week, or I will kick a hole in your fuckin’ house!

  2. School is over rated anyway.

  3. Samael Howard says:

    It’s selfish what we do, of course. We’re greedy for nostalgia, we love the surprise of the new, and through your eyes we receive another perspective on our memories, it’s as if you gave them a new engine and shiny coat of paint…

    In short, I guess what I’m trying to say is that this blog is totally fucking awesome, and we miss you.

    Especially on this one – My teacher’s copy of Ghouls ‘N Ghosts was the first time I, too poor to own even a color TV, ever experienced a game through stereo surround sound. To experience an entire world through audio, showed me just how limited my eyes could be…

    I don’t know if she ever understood how much I treasured that gift.

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