Hiatus (Sort Of)

As you have probably noticed, things are pretty sleepy here at The Pre-Sonic Genesis Institute of Semi-Academic Chronological Gaming (PSGISACG).  In fact, one might think that the boilers have been turned off and the windows shuttered.  And one would not entirely be wrong.  It’s true that a real life that could be politely referred to as “punishing” has put a damper on writing a thousand words about any old Genesis game that might have seen release between 1989-1991, and I need to recharge my batteries. “But why?” you might be screaming, rending your clothing in distress. “Why would you give up on such a noble conquest?”  Well, here’s a handy list of other hypothetical questions explaining just that.

1) “I’ve noticed you take a different tack than other retro games websites. Is this a conscious decision on your part?”
Yes, absolutely.  My goal from day one was to not be unduly negative about the subject matter.  The fact that there is an endless cornucopia of people getting easy and questionable laughs out of pointing at a limping old game out there on the internet made me want to try something new. Coincidentally, those same videos and sites are where the unofficial PSG policy of “no cusses”  came from; here at the institute, we want to work for your laughs. However, this lead to a bigger problem – a lot of games are really quite bad! Trying to find a way to politely skirt around the fact that some games are just straight up dogs is pretty tiring.

2) “I’ve noticed there are a lot of very similar games out there! In fact, there’s a pretty solid overarching theme of ‘this game is fantastic except for one crippling flaw’ that pretty much defines Sega as a company to this day. Is this also tiring?”
Yes, thank you for noticing.

3) “But why give up? Are you ever going to finish a big project before you die?”
I never said I was going to give up, and just so you know, I have put together roughly a house and a half of IKEA furniture in my lifetime.

Yes, I am laying off the long-form review format. Possibly permanently! But this doesn’t mean the concept is dead.

Oh, if only.

You see, the wheels are already in motion to re-imagine Pre-Sonic Genesis as a panel show. Certain and rather big specifics, such as the panelists and medium, are still being hammered out at the moment.  But instead of reading a thousand turgid words, we are looking at you hearing and/or seeing (but probably hearing) several thousand words on two to four games an episode, intercut with music from the games in question.  I can’t reveal who is on board just yet, but I can promise that if you read this site, they are people you would enjoy hearing blather on. But I ask you, noble patron of The Pre-Sonic Genesis Institute of Semi-Academic Chronological Gaming (PSGISACG), if you have any suggestions about the format in question. For example, would you prefer an audio podcast, or an audio podcast with footage from the games in question posted to YouTube? What length is too long for grown men and women to talk about Golden Axe (I am actually drawing a hard line here at forty minutes)? Who would you like for me to reach out to for a sound ‘no thank you’ for the panel? Should I start from the beginning, or pick up where words alone faltered? Please let us know in the comments, and as always, thank you for patronizing your local The Pre-Sonic Genesis Institute of Semi-Academic Chronological Gaming (PSGISACG).

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8 Responses to Hiatus (Sort Of)

  1. You clearly need someone who has little to no experience with these games to contribute! I nominate myself!

  2. Octopus Prime says:

    By the bloody beard of Odin himself, you have my axe!

  3. Patrick says:

    If you need me…

    I’ll be there.

    ~Brahs forever~

  4. sewart says:

    I’d love to contribute.

  5. Sean697 says:

    So here I am at work on the midnight shift (I have a slow job at a power plant.) reading your site for the first time. I should thank Dr. Sparkle and his great http://chrontendo.blogspot.com/ website for leading me here. Actually I remember him posting about this site awhile back but not ever getting around to checking it out. Its interesting reading these reviews of early Genesis games by someone who really didn’t live it but is going back in emulation to play them. You are doing a great job. I really hope you continue this project to fruition. The nostalgia factor is high for me as I actually own nearly every game (American anyways) that you have reviewed so far as there where slim pickings when the Genesis first came out when I was in 9th grade or so. So I remember most of these games very fondly even if alot of them were not the greatest. And I had the time as only someone in highschool with no responsibilities has to spend hours upon hours with all to these games and beat them. So I understand if with your limited time you can’t exactly master some of these games as I have in the past and see every nook and cranny of the games. I am an unabashed Sega fan for whatever that is worth. Even when age shows the folly of some of their design decisions, Sega games always have a place in my heart. I guess I always enjoyed the arcade like feel they had even though it lead to having to play pointless home conversions of games like Hang On. So the summer of 89 I sold my SMS and all my games to buy a Sega Genesis the first month it came out. I think that in the first couple of years what games I didn’t buy with my paper route money I rented and beat. http://www.1up.com/do/my1Up?publicUserId=6092299 (My one up profile lists my games collection that is not necessarily up to date but at least the Genesis collection isn’t changing.) Anyway your reviews are really refreshing and insightful and please try to keep this going. I’m going to go back now and add some comments from your previous reviews. Also on a technical side note do you use and actual 3 button genesis controller to play these games or a modern PC joystick or (shudder) mouse and keyboard? And what is your emulator of choice?

    • CJ Lowery says:

      I mostly play the games on the Wii with a Classic Controller Pro, but I have one of those Street Fighter Fightpads that were released a few years back for playing on the PC, which are essentially a poor man’s Saturn controller. For the PC, I use Fusion, which is programmed by the guy who at least used to do the in-house programming for emulators on Sega’s various compilations. No idea if he still does, but people who have played the Mega Drive packs on Steam see enough similarities.

    • Brandon says:

      I did play on Kega Fusion with a Sega Saturn controller adapted through a Bliss Box (http://spawnlinux.dyndns.org/Bliss-Box/), and the Sega Saturn controller is effectively identical to a 6-button Genesis controller plus two shoulder buttons. Now, I actually picked up an Everdrive (http://krikzz.com/everdrive-md.html) to play them on the original Genesis; just about all of these I own either in cartridge form or compilation form, so it’s not like I’m too ethically out of line here. MAYBE A LITTLE I GUESS but still.

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