Sales and Announcements of Note

Still working on setting up the PSGCast, but there are two particular sales of note that are of interest to readers of this site, coincidentally on the only two services I use for purchasing games:

1) Steam, a service which probably requires no introduction, is currently having a sale on almost all of their Sega products. This includes all the (non-Sonic, fittingly) Genesis games on the service for $7.49, an absolute steal if you haven’t already bought any of the console compilations.  And even if you have, those tend not to include Gunstar Heroes or Alien Soldier, two of Treasure’s absolute best games. The set also includes some of my favorite PSG friendly games, such as Gain Ground (source of the PSGCast theme song!) and Bonanza Bros. (a game that only I enjoy!). Also part of the sale is Alpha Protocol for two dollars, which is the right price for a game with writing that good and gameplay that bad.

2) Good Old Games, a service with a business model handily explained in the name, is currently having a sale on all their Dungeons and Dragons products. “But CJ, this doesn’t include anything on the Sega Genesis!” you cry in now-standard agony. And I know! But with the Good Ship Pre-Sonic Genesis Institute of Semi-Academic Chronological Gaming (Merchant Navy Designation CRV PSGISACG) charting out a map into the brave new seas of New Media, I need a chronological essay project with a much shorter trajectory to occupy my idle need to write a lot of words. To that end, I realized there had not been that many semi-academic write-ups of the collected Dungeons and Dragons video games and well there we go.  I am sure I will link here when I finish prettying up the appropriate blog.

Both sales end sometime in the next 24 hours, so you might want to act soon!

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2 Responses to Sales and Announcements of Note

  1. sean697 says:

    While I applaud Sega for offering these packs on Steam, In fact they do a good job comparatively compared to other companies releasing retro packs, I have to say it is still a hard sell. For one I would be 10 times more likely to buy these if virtual console versions on the Wii were similarly priced. Because I am one of those gamers who just hates playing console games on a computer. I actually bought a Genesis game or two on the virtual console. Somehow sittiing in front of a computer and playing a console game is not that appealing. (Maybe its a nostalgia thing.) But wait you say? There is the ultimate Genesis collection on PS3? Well I guess if I ever see that for 10 bucks used I would buy it in the bargain bin. The real fact of the matter is that I own over half of these games on the steam packs and that the rest I have all played and beaten previously. I realize alot of people would not be in that boat. But the real dirty secret here is that with emulation all of these games are easlily obtrainable for free. Yes morally I would rather give my money to Sega but most people will just download some Mega Drive complete collection on Bit torrent and play them all for free. I think for real value for these retro games you have to go the route of say Namco with their Museum releases or Capcom with their collections. Or even the route of these PS1 and 2 games being mastered in HD and 3D for the PS3. I’ll buy it if you give those extras like HD remasters, developer commentary, original box art scans and instruction manual scans. Or other features not even implemented in retro games. Why not some sort of pop up video or commentary tracks while you play these games pointing out interesting desigin decisions or revalations while you are playing? To me these games really offer nothing extra compared to dowloading the ROM illegally. (Something I have never done BTW for any MD or Genesis game.) Or for that matter buying a cheap used copy and booting it up on my CDX. As for the games you mentioned I own an import version of Alien Soldier. Definetly one of the strangest MD games. Really experimental if you ask me by making the game one big bosss rush. Gunstar hereos is one of my most treasured Genesis games. Not enough can be said about this game. Gain ground I don’t own but rented and played. Really disapointed because I LOVE the arcade version with the 3 player setup. The Genesis version was just not a good port. And bonanza bros. A hidden Gem. I never bought it but beat in on a rental.

  2. I did not read this when you posted it, but I did flog the sale on Twitter. Either way, I’m commenting to tell you that you are NOT the only person who likes Bonanza Bros.

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