PSGCast Episode One – Ancient Weapons of Dubious Value

Click on the delightful Golden Axe cover art to listen!

While we are currently having some issues with figuring out the hosting/I am having issues figuring out how to make an iTunes feed, I feel like it’s time to finally give the people (well, person) what they want and post the first episode of the PSGCast! Brandon, Roscoe, Austin, and I spend approximately 75 minutes discussing the dubious merits of Sega’s last games for 1989 – Sword of Vermilion and Golden Axe. Since we are currently plagued by very minor technical difficulties, I am just posting this on my dropbox account until we have an RSS feed and everything set up like a real, professional endeavor. But first, a few show notes:

  • There are, as expected, some audio issues. But for four people trying a podcast for the first time, I think it is actually a fair bit more entertaining than it has any right to be. We’re still narrowing down the programs we’ll use for the process, so expect episode 2 to be much smoother.
  • We also immediately and without regrets blow past my original goal of finishing up in a half hour.  I really should have known better.
  • The Golden Axe score system and one man’s battle to exploit it for dubious gain is explained here.
  • Thanks for your patience, gentle reader/listener! I would like to have an RSS feed up for it before long, but right now that is out of my hands and I wanted to make sure people could listen to it before I headed out for the weekend. Future episodes will probably be once or twice a month, but the turn-around time won’t be this long.


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2 Responses to PSGCast Episode One – Ancient Weapons of Dubious Value

  1. sean697 says:

    Was decent. I still liked your old format but the podcast definetly bought something to the table. I was disapointed when you had the Sword of Vermillion title screen music playing and when it got to the best part (You guys even talked about it in the discussion.) where the music changes and the thunder plays you had the music fading out already and it didn’t really convey the greatness of that title screen. At the time I didn’t think it was a bad game. Just different. I ahven’t tried playing on a newer television but the graphics were very good for the time. But you guys pretty much hit it on the spot on that one. I know you touched on the part of Golden Axe adding the super death adder boss on. But I think those two?, extra levels they added to the game at the end to lenghthen the console version of the game were horrible. I mean they were just these unimaginative bland castle levels with a more bad ass pallete swapped Death Adder. The game would have been fine without the additional content. Or maybe content that fit it and didn’t feel like levels from two different game designers. Could you also give a heads up what games you are doing next episode? Anyway could use some polish but a good first effort. I am suprised it took 3 days to get a comment on this.

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