PSGCast Updates/Dog in a Cast Updates

In loving Memory of Preta's Mobility: Mid 2011-Late 2011

Shockingly, I am running a bit behind schedule.  However, as you can see in the picture above, I feel like I have a good excuse.  That’s Preta, a puppy our friends found that we offered to hold onto while we tried to track down her owners. A week into the process, her owners were nowhere to be found, and we had ourselves a new dog.  She is apparently a mixture of Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound, and while we were hoping she’d grow more on the Greyhound side of things, six months later I have come to accept that I own a very tiny dog.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t exactly think of herself as a very tiny animal, and will occasionally decide to jump out of my arms and at something she sees through a window, which is why she is in the giant phallic cast you see above.

But anyway, PSGCast Episode 2 is in the editing bay (and will be for a fair bit. There is roughly two and a half hours of audio to sort through for a good 90 minute podcast) and Episode 3 has a recording date.  Episode 3 is where we face the music and play three very mediocre games in a row, but that will at least mean a quick turn-around time. Expect a podcast and a RSS feed here in a few days.

Meanwhile, I finished writing about Hillsfar over on the sister website.  If you are interested in obscure cash-in mini-game collections, I can think of a thousand worse words to read.

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7 Responses to PSGCast Updates/Dog in a Cast Updates

  1. Sean697 says:

    Still eagerly awaiting the podcast. I noticed that Greg Sewart (Former EGM editor) from playeronepodcast has started his own video genesis chronogaming series (Generation 16) and posted the first video on youtube. Done really similar to Chrontendo. Personally I think what you are doing here is more interesting but both projects I think can be complementary. I like the round table discussion of your first podcast and the time you gave to write up each game on the blog. The video is good too but doesn’t really leave alot of time to talk about each game like I can get here. (Plus his narration was kind of dry)

  2. Samael says:

    Really hoping you guys haven’t given up on this. You’re by far the most entertaining retrogaming around. If only you kept any kind of regular schedule, you’d be an easy recommendation to my friends. As it is, it’s just us few clicking in and out, looking for signs of life…

  3. Casey says:

    I liked the first one. Hope this actually comes out.

    Also I think at this point it’s time to change the “updated more or less weekly” tagline.

  4. Casey says:

    Must be a lot of editing.

  5. sean697 says:

    If I were to guess, someone graduated college and got a job.

  6. sean697 says:

    Just the bi annual checkup. No one here….

    Hey if anyone wants to read a chronological history of Sega games now that this is dead, you should check out . Dylan Corlnelious does some great review is not up into pre sonic Genesis territory.

  7. Casey J. Morris says:

    Dude… when he finishes editing this podcast it’s going to be amazing.

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