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SPORTS TALK DOUBLE FEATURE: Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf [Osaki Tadamichi no Super Masters] (09/09/89) and Super Hang-On (10/06/1989)

Before we start out this post, I would like to apologize for the gap in posting there.  It turns out life obligations can sometimes trump the amount of time it takes to play and write about 16-bit games for an … Continue reading

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World Championship Soccer (07/29/1989)

Today’s entry will be a little brief, simply because there’s just not that much to say about yet another mediocre sports game. Unfortunately, World Championship Soccer is just that. However, in the interest of fairness I have recruited friend of the … Continue reading

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Tommy Lasorda Baseball [Super League] (04/22/1989)

It took the better part of a month, but we’ve finally reached the point where games are unremarkable or otherwise not exactly worth the novella that previous entries received. In fact, the two most interesting things to say about Tommy … Continue reading

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