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Osomatsu-kun: Hachamecha Gekijou (12/24/1988)

Four games in, and we are at the first Japan-only release.  I know Christmas is not exactly the same merciless onslaught of retail merchandising across the Pacific as it is here, but you’d still think that the sole December release … Continue reading

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Altered Beast [Jūōki] (11/27/1988)

So a funny thing happened on the way to writing this. Though I am trying to rush through this earlier slog of games to have time to write about entry #6 (which most people would eagerly attest to being the … Continue reading

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Space Harrier II (10/29/1988)

So, to compliment the scaling sprite shooter that ostensibly showcases what a power house their new console is, Sega releases… another scaling sprite shooter. I was not kidding when I mentioned that these were the salad days for Sega’s arcade … Continue reading

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Super Thunder Blade (10/29/1988)

(I will endeavor to include the box art from different regions whenever possible, but in this case it’s the same world-wide) The hardest part of any project like this will always be the first step. This is why the introductory post … Continue reading

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