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Rambo III (10/21/89)

(Hi everyone. This is the first guest post by friend of the Pre-Sonic Genesis Institute of Retro Theory Brandon Teel, who kindly volunteered his writing skills to bring us a small novella on Rambo III.) Hyper-masculine eighties Republican power fantasies … Continue reading

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Super Hydlide (10/6/1989)

I’m going to be honest, I really have no idea what to say about Super Hydlide. In fact, the reason I haven’t updated in five months isn’t because of a lack of time or interest, it’s because Super Hydlide is … Continue reading

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SPORTS TALK DOUBLE FEATURE: Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf [Osaki Tadamichi no Super Masters] (09/09/89) and Super Hang-On (10/06/1989)

Before we start out this post, I would like to apologize for the gap in posting there. ¬†It turns out life obligations can sometimes trump the amount of time it takes to play and write about 16-bit games for an … Continue reading

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