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Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts [Dai Makai Mura] (08/03/1989)

For most of my life, Sega has been The Sonic Company. Sonic the Hedgehog saw release shortly before my seventh birthday, officially making the Sega Genesis the most desirable object in the world, and Sega immediately set out to start … Continue reading

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World Championship Soccer (07/29/1989)

Today’s entry will be a little brief, simply because there’s just not that much to say about yet another mediocre sports game. Unfortunately, World Championship Soccer is just that. However, in the interest of fairness I have recruited friend of the … Continue reading

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Last Battle [Shin Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken​] (07/01/1989)

Has there ever been a genuinely good Fist of the North Star game? I don’t ask this as to be a jerk or for a quick joke about how old games are awful, but short of the loving homage to … Continue reading

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Thunder Force II [Thunder Force II MD] (06/15/1989)

I apologize for the brief break there, but from here on out Pre-Sonic Genesis posts should be regular enough. My semester will be picking up here in a few months, however, so please forgive me ahead of time for when … Continue reading

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